The Modern Mystery School

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The Modern Mystery School is open to the public. The Modern Mystery School teaches that all human beings can be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance, and in harmony with all, while living out their own Divine purpose.

Through the power of activation, initiation and the wisdom of the lineage of King Salomon, The Modern Mystery School provides the tools, teachings, healing services, and programs that enable the initiate to transform themselves and come into a state of knowing there authentic selves. The motto of the Mystery School is to “Know Thyself” and thus become empowered. Creating a sacred and safe space to explore mystery, the initiate embarks on the journey of the soul that one may come into the awareness of one’s own divine nature and purpose on earth..


Founder Gudni “Frater Ged” Gudnason

Ipsissimus Gudni is the Founder of the Modern Mystery School & is the one who brought this Lineage out of the realm of the secret when in 1997 he was allowed to open the school to the public. He is called Founder Gudni to honor that event and his efforts to bring these ancient profound teachings to the world, teachings that assist people in feeling inner peace, that in time will lead to World Peace.


Ipsissimus Dave “Thor” Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon has been the driving force behind the explosive growth of The Modern Mystery School since he joined the Lineage in 2004 and we have seen the school expand from 12 countries to 55 with his efforts. Dave has dedicated his life to serving the world by teaching, healing and helping people from all walks of life to Know Thyself. He is an expert at identifying what is blocking a person and at navigating them to high frequencies and deeper understandings.


Ipsissimus Hideto “Rei” Nakagome

Ipsissimus Hideto REI Nakagome has been instrumental behind the growth of the Mystery School since he joined the lineage in the year 2000. He immediately saw the importance of the mission of World Peace and wanted to support this undertaking right away. He has worked passionately toward his goal ever since.